Forensic Accountants in Merton

Churchill Tax Investigations in Merton have a dedicated team of tax specialists who are extensively experienced in the provision of advice and guidance on all aspects of contentious business and financial issues. Using our in depth knowledge of forensic accounting we can offer detailed advice on all disputes whether this is in an advisory, witness or mediator capacity.

It is important that you seek advice from a forensic accountant as early as possible so we can help you in the most effective manner. We will use our commercial expertise to assist the legal representative from the outset

We will ensure that the same professional manages your case from start to finish from the initial stages of preparation through to appearance at court as an expert witness if required

During your initial meetings with us we will match you to the right member of our team who has the right expertise to help

We have been working in Forensic Accounting for a number of years and have skills in all types of HMRC investigations such as ruminate proceedings, fraud, disputes in terms of partnerships or businesses and much more

Churchill Tax Investigations in Merton provide forensic accounting services and offer our clients including:

  • In depth technical expertise and expert witness
  • Calculation of lost revenue and profits
  • Calculation and negotiation of hidden profits
  • Calculation and negotiation of hidden assets
  • Liaising with legal professionals and the courts

Forensic accounting demands skill and experience and Churchill Tax Investigations in Merton have expertise in both of these areas. For a free, no obligation discussion on any aspect of Forensic Accounting please contact our team who can provide expert advice and guidance.