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Code of Practice 9 investigations

During the last month our firm has taken on several new cases of COP9 investigations. The clients involved had some serious tax irregularities including money laundering offences. Having seen the cases and establishing facts after long meetings with the clients, … Continue reading

HMRC increasing cases of transferring tax liability onto directors after company is put in liquidation

We have seen an increased number of HMRC tax investigation cases where the directors have put a company into liquidation as the company is unable to pay its debts to HMRC and is insolvent but HMRC use various powers within … Continue reading

Budget 2017 from a Tax Adviser???s Perspective

Listed below are the main areas from a tax adviser???s perspective following a detailed review of the Chancellor???s 2017 Budget: Non Residents and Capital Gains Tax: Finance Act 2016 included legislation, which took effect on 5 July 2016, to ensure … Continue reading

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