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Paradise Papers ??? Have you used a tax avoidance scheme recently?

There has been plenty of press and media coverage of the Paradise Papers which has brought to limelight the mass usage of tax avoidance schemes rich individuals and companies. The Paradise Papers cover some of the tax avoidance schemes ??that … Continue reading

O???Donnell [2017] ??? Tax Deduction for third party???s legal costs

In this case the vendor was required to pay for the purchasers legal costs as part of the deal to sell a piece of land. HMRC initially disallowed the costs reimbursed by the vendor on the basis that this was … Continue reading

HMRC???s stance on disguised remuneration tax avoidance schemes following the Supreme Court???s decision in Ranger Football Club

Subsequent to the decision of the Supreme Court in??RFC 2012 plc (in liquidation) (formerly Rangers Football Club plc) v Advocate General for Scotland, HMRC are advising tax agents and accountants that they will be inviting users of disguised remuneration schemes … Continue reading

Prolonged HMRC tax investigation closed

This case was referred to us from another accounting firm in London. The client had been under enquiry for almost 3 years before his accountants contacted us for assistance. The client was under significant stress as this tax enquiry was … Continue reading

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