Paradise Papers ??? Have you used a tax avoidance scheme recently?

There has been plenty of press and media coverage of the Paradise Papers which has brought to limelight the mass usage of tax avoidance schemes rich individuals and companies. The Paradise Papers cover some of the tax avoidance schemes ??that have been heavily promoted by some firms who charge a large fee for creating and implementing artificial tax structures. Churchill Tax Investigations has been campaigning against these artificial tax avoidance schemes for almost 8 years and have warned the public to avoid using such schemes as they will ultimately fail. We have seen this happen several times over the years when various ???unbreakable tax avoidance schemes with top Tax Counsel opinions??? have failed and shamed in the UK Court system. Our firm has helped many disgruntled users of such schemes in clearing their record with HMRC and allow them to live in peace. If you have been sold one of these marketed tax avoidance schemes recently and would like to clear your record before being caught out by HMRC, you can call us on 0207 998 1834 for a confidential consultation with a tax specialist.??

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