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Code of Practice 8 (COP8) and Code of Practice 9 (COP 9) tax investigations

In the past months and years we have been contacted by numerous new clients and accounting firms in relation to advice and representation on Code of Practice 8 or Code of Practice 9 (Contractual Disclotax investigations. COP 8 and COP 9 tax … Continue reading

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Tax fraudster and benefits cheat jailed

Keiran Farrer, 39, has been jailed for four and half years for tax evasion including VAT fraud of £280,000 and benefits cheating. Mr. Farrer had set up fraudulent business through which he stole VAT and used it to pay for … Continue reading

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Security company boss jailed for tax fraud of £500,000

Jonathan Benjamin Schofield, 32, a boss of a security company, has been jailed for three years after being involved in tax fraud of almost £500,000. He cheated the HMRC by underpaying VAT, income tax and national insurance. During the tax … Continue reading

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Mechanic jailed after tax investigation for £208k tax fraud

Ian Wilson, 61, was sentenced in January 2018 to eighteen months in prison for tax evasion including underpaying his tax and national insurance by understating his actual income. Cash of £110,000 was discovered at his home when HMRC raided him. … Continue reading

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Father and son jailed for VAT and tax evasion following HMRC enquiry

Three tax fraudsters including a father and son have been jailed for 10 years for fraudulently claiming VAT on building new houses that never existed. Jamie Colwell, 51, Brian Colwell, 74 and Briony James, 45 fraudulently claimed to have spent … Continue reading

Importer jailed for tax fraud

Russell Goodenough, 48 of Aberdeenshire has been jailed for 18 months for VAT fraud. Mr. Goodenough imported large quantities of scrap metal to the UK and sold to his customers with VAT but decided to pocket the £205,000 VAT charged … Continue reading

Complex Tax Investigation closed

This tax investigation case came to us from a firm of accountants in London. The case involved a company having been liquidated and director’s loan having been offset. HMRC’s view was that the offset was a payment was subject to … Continue reading

Gang including HMRC officer and two accountants jailed for tax fraud

A gang of 6 members including two unqualified accountants and an ex- HMRC officer have been jailed for 24 years for VAT fraud of ??2.4m after a prolonged 3 year VAT investigation. Susanne Green, an ex- HMRC officer provided insider … Continue reading

Jail for pub owner for manipulating till records

Christopher Humphrey of Worthing, West Sussex has been jailed for 18 months for tax fraud of ??85,000. He ran a public house and manipulated his till and sales records to provide inaccurate information to his accountants and also to HMRC. … Continue reading

Restaurant owner jailed for tax fraud after failing to comply with Contractual Disclosure Facility – Code of Practice 9 tax investigation

Monir Miah of Stove, Staffordshire and owner of The Crown of India has been jailed for 2 years over a ??90,000 tax fraud. HMRC started a routine compliance check after some test purchases by undercover HMRC officers revealed that Mr … Continue reading