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Cyclops Electronics UT/2016/0193

The Upper Tribunal has decided in favour of HMRC in relation to the multi-million pound tax avoidance scheme promoted by Cyclops Electronics and Graceland Fixing and used by over a hundred other businesses. In summary the businesses involved in the … Continue reading

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Accountant jailed after tax investigation

David Price, 68 of Derby, and a bookkeeper who lied about being a qualified accountant and stole £143,957 through cleverly planned tax fraud has been jailed. Mr. Price was having an extra marital affair with a lady in Canada and … Continue reading

First Tier, Upper Tribunal and Court of Appeal Cases

Phipps (trading as Ocean Tilers) [2018] TC 06236 The First-tier Tribunal (FTT) partly allowed a taxpayer???s appeal against late filing penalties, finding that the taxpayer???s reliance on his accountant provided him with a reasonable excuse for the initial failures to … Continue reading

Paradise Papers ??? Have you used a tax avoidance scheme recently?

There has been plenty of press and media coverage of the Paradise Papers which has brought to limelight the mass usage of tax avoidance schemes rich individuals and companies. The Paradise Papers cover some of the tax avoidance schemes ??that … Continue reading

Tax Saving Schemes and Tax Avoidance

There are all kinds of cases which deal with tax avoidance. This case concerns Halsall and Ors v Champion Consulting Ltd and Ors. The issues began in 2003 when Champion Consulting Ltd promoted a selection of tax saving initiatives which … Continue reading