Woman jailed for VAT fraud

Maureen Carpenter, aged 52 years, has been jailed for eighteen months after a prolonged investigation by HMRC revealed that she had been filing fraudulent VAT returns in relation to Maureen’s son’s company Booze Booze Booze Ltd. Her intention was to avoid the right VAT to HMRC and to pocket the amount saved. Maureen Carpenter was been ordered to £250,000 within 3 months or having to face additional 3 years in jail and still owe the money. Read more..

Mechanic jailed after tax investigation for £208k tax fraud

Ian Wilson, 61, was sentenced in January 2018 to eighteen months in prison for tax evasion including underpaying his tax and national insurance by understating his actual income. Cash of £110,000 was discovered at his home when HMRC raided him. Mr. Wilson has now been ordered to pay up the tax evaded of £208,000 or face additional time in prison. Mr. Wilson now risks his house being sold to pay for the tax lost. Read more..