Company Tax Investigation Cop 14 in London

Churchill Tax Investigation in London are well known in the UK for successfully handling and facilitating complex company tax investigations.

As specialist tax investigators with over 60 years combined experience, we know that tax can be a complex area. We have considerable success in the swift and effective resolution of countless investigations including Code of Practice 14. Our services range from complex investigations and disclosures through to straightforward tax enquiries, allowing us to reduce the stress and associated worry that many people experience when facing a tax investigation. Using our experience and knowledge of the process, we will guide you through the process and we always aim to deliver the best possible result that we can.

Whether you operate as a partnership, manage your own company or you are a sole trader, we can help resolve a range of tax problems. Whatever the requirements you have, we have the resources and knowledge to meet your requirements, taking care of everything throughout the process.

Our COP 14 investigations will:

Conduct in depth analysis of the process and explain the process of a COP 14 investigation. We will also explain the risks in detail so there are no surprises

Our team will clearly outline your options and notify you of the costs involved of the investigation

The next step is to develop a proactive strategy and resolution for the investigation. This will involve the preparation of any disclosure reports, respond to any tax enquiries and conflicts with HMRC, manage and attend meetings, negotiations and hearings. Our tax specialists can also help you with resolving tax issues on overseas assets, such as identifying the most effective way to bring your tax affairs up to date. We will also provide you with the right information to make informed decisions and we will deal with all communications from HMRC.

Reasons For a COP 14 Investigation

A COP 14 investigation may be carried out for a number of reasons. Perhaps you have made a mistake when submitting your tax return. HMRC may launch an investigation into your organisation if they notice these mistakes or if they suspect that the mistake was a little more than an accident. To launch the process of an investigation, HMRC will notify you in writing and they will advise if they are reviewing your whole company or just a specific area. With a COP 14 investigation it will be either based on a Full or Aspect investigation.

As soon as you receive a notification of investigation you must seek advice from a tax investigation specialist. Churchill Tax Investigations in London can provide comprehensive advice to all kinds of professionals and we work with you to achieve the most effective result possible.

For a free, no obligation discussion, please contact our team for confidential advice on a COP 14 investigation. We can help advise, instruct and correspond with HMRC, removing a little of the stress associated with being investigated.