Tax Fraud Investigation in London

Are you under a tax fraud investigation?

Churchill Tax Investigation in London work with a range of clients to assist with both criminal and civil tax investigations. Perhaps you have received notification from HMRC that you are being investigated. Whatever the nature of the tax investigation, we can provide a practical solution and navigate you through the entire process. Our experienced team of investigators have years of experience in this area.

We aim to resolve any tax investigations in the most cost effective and efficient manner while keeping your tax exposure and penalties to a minimum.

Accountants often don't have the required expertise to effectively manage a tax investigation. As this is our specialty, we regularly keep up to date of the latest industry changes and legislation and the current strategies that HMRC use to address tax fraud.

Find the best tax fraud investigation adviser or consultant

At Churchill Tax Investigations we know how to approach tax fraud investigations and if you have been identified by HMRC to be investigated. During these investigations it is important that you cooperate fully with the investigating team from HMRC. This will include a full disclosure of the tax issues that have been triggered as a direct result of the investigation.

With the right advice, you can prepare a clear, concise and convincing disclosure document which will allow us to bring your investigation to a prompt resolution while minimising any penalties and offering comprehensive representation.

Finding the right advice is important when it comes to tax investigations. If you have been notified that you are under investigation, contact our team today to find out how we can help you.