Voluntary Disclosure in London

Do you have any undeclared income and cannot sleep due to the fear of being caught?

Do you want to check your options for making a voluntary disclosure to HMRC but not get into any trouble? In that case, speak to the voluntary disclosure specialists at Churchill Tax Investigation.

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A voluntary disclosure may be required for a number of reasons. This could range from the most serious where tax has intentionally been under reported through to more minor instances where a genuine error has been made on a tax return. Whatever the circumstances for making a disclosure on a voluntary basis, we are here to help.

Benefits of a voluntary disclosure

HMRC will look more favourably on those who make a voluntary disclosure than those who are investigated and found out for not paying the correct amount of tax. Disclosing an omission or error voluntarily to HMRC is always seen as a positive step. If HMRC discover evidence or they hold information that the tax payer has underpaid or avoided paying tax, whether this was intentionally or innocently, they will launch an investigation.

The majority of investigations will result in HMRC requesting substantial payments to be made instead of just the underpaid tax. This will include penalties and interest. In certain situations it can also be the start of criminal proceedings and even imprisonment.

Our expertise in voluntary disclosure of undeclared income

Here at Churchill Tax Investigations we understand that every case is different and therefore each client requires a unique approach. The best strategy is to meet with you for a confidential discussion so we can develop a viable strategy moving forward. With the right advice, we will help you make a voluntary disclosure if this is decided to be the best course of action and we will guide you through the entire process from start to finish. We can take care of the entire process relating to voluntary disclosure to the corresponding offices with HMRC, and keeping you informed of what is happening throughout the process.

The team we have at Churchill Tax Investigation in London are vastly experienced in all aspects of tax investigations. Many of our staff have assisted a diverse range of clients in the submission of voluntary disclosures to HMRC. We have delivered comprehensive support to businesses with complex tax affairs through to the small business where a mistake has occurred.

Using our expertise we can enter into successful negotiations on your behalf. Our costs are extremely competitive and we aim to resolve all tax situations as swiftly and effectively as possible, minimising the disruption to you and your business.

For a free, no obligation initial discussion to find out how we can help with your Voluntary Disclosure, please call our team or complete our contact form for practical tax investigation advice.

How we can help with a voluntary disclosure

We will take full control of the voluntary disclosure process

We will make the initial outline voluntary disclosure

Discuss all possible options with you in relation to the undeclared income

Prepare a full disclosure and agree figures with you

Make a submission with HMRC

Arrange a payment plan where required