Businessman jailed following tax investigation

Peter Davis, aged 58, has been sent to prison for 4 years. Mr. Davis, from London and director/ shareholder of Formula 1 Teamwear Ltd, had operated various shops in large shopping centres in London, Glasgow, Liverpool and Cardiff together with few smaller shops and websites. In order to retain his businesses going and to fund his lavish lifestyle, Mr Davis fraudulently submitted seventeen VAT returns from 2009 and 2013, and fraudulently claimed £961,307. Mr. Davis also owned an Italian restaurant in central London but under declared his sales by more than 50%. He had made fraudulent claims for VAT of £58,507. Read more…

Code of Practice 8 (COP8) and Code of Practice 9 (COP 9) tax investigations

In the past months and years we have been contacted by numerous new clients and accounting firms in relation to advice and representation on Code of Practice 8 or Code of Practice 9 (Contractual Disclotax investigations. COP 8 and COP 9 tax investigations by HMRC are very complex in nature and should be referred to a specialist immediately. The initial and final disclosure reports including supporting evidence furnished to HMRC are sensitive and should be prepared and submitted by experienced professionals. If HMRC discover any discrepancies, these investigations can turn very ugly and can have very serious consequences including custodial sentences and imprisonment.  the COP 8 investigation can be upgraded to COP 9.

Our firm’s tax investigation specialists have years of experience in tax investigations including COP 8, COP 9, Contractual Disclosure Facility (CDF), Proceeds of Crime (POCA) and Money Laundering cases (where HMRC are investigation tax fraud or tax evasion) and can offer invaluable support and representation. Please contact us if you would like to discuss a case.